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Certified through SHERPA and the Tandy Center for Executive Leadership at TCU, Coach Randy Swaim is trained in the industry’s leading executive coaching tools that help to develop organizations, individuals, and teams to excel in the changing business environment. Through Coaching for Relevance, LLC, Randy helps to maximize his clients’ potential in any type or size of organization.

The tools he uses are tailored to each client’s needs and focus on what is relevant and sustainable for them personally. Through his coaching, clients are able to enhance their leadership and empower their reports to lead so that there’s a legacy of leadership within their business.

Coach Randy’s trademarked concept and eCourse by the same name, Organizational Maneuverability, positively re-frames the picture of future organizational success and defines, with clarity, limiting factors for your organization that can be strategically improved. This proven concept can counteract the increasing instability of business with a sustainable, responsive environment within your organization.