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Coaching for Relevance partners together with Innermetrix, a top worldwide company, utilizing the best and most consistent assessments in the world. These Assessments are confidential and the most user friendly assessments available. Together, they are very successful in enhancing one’s understanding of WHAT is the central aspect that drives the behavior, the “WHY” that motivates the behavior and “HOW” the behavior is displayed.

These assessments include:


The Attribute Index forms the “WHAT” and is based on Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s work and relates how humans apply value to life and on what basis. As a young boy in the fledging Nazi, Germany; Dr. Hartman observed first-hand the handiwork of the Nazi’s and this got him to ask the question “What is Good?” and this started him on a life-long study of how humans apply or categorize what is “Good” and how we apply Meaning. He studied how our brains work and finally, he sought to understand how we perceive the world around us.

To answer these questions scientifically, he applied mathematics to the issue, and thus he created a new science; that of Axiology (The Study of Meaning). Axiology is unique in that it is the only social science that has a 1-1 relationship between a field of mathematics. Consequently, this is the only assessment that is Deductive, rather than inductive in its approach. What this means is that the results flow directly from the responses.

The Attribute Index can be tailored to client’s goals and can be focused on areas and while not a complete list, they include:

• Professional Leadership
• Personal Leadership
• Customer Loyalty
• Entrepreneurship and Strategic Thinking
• Time Management Strategies
• Sales

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VALUES Index (VI):

The Values Index forms the “WHY” and is the latest interpretation of the work of Drs. Eduard Spranger & Gordon Allport and their study of human Value, Motivation and Drive. It is the most contemporary interpretation of these theories available in the market today. It helps people to better understand their unique value hierarchy or belief system pertaining to what motivates them. It assesses motivations over 7 dimensions of value including:

• Aesthetic
• Altruistic
• Economic
• Individualistic
• Political
• Regulatory
• Theoretical

DISC Index (DI):

This DISC index forms the “HOW” and is the latest interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s foundational work in the field of behavioral science. The DI helps people better understand their unique behavioral strengths and tendencies, and helps them become more effective in several key areas of their life.

• Decisive
• Interactive
• Stabilizing
• Cautious

Each of us have all the dimensions but a vary across the spectrum of dimensions. Experience has shown that these Index Assessments are very successful in helping team members begin to see some for the aspects of their team dynamics that can be holding back their success.

If you schedule an assessment either through the Coaching for Relevance website or by contacting us via email or phone, we will coordinate your assessment and also schedule a debrief session to debrief the indexes.