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“Freeing Potential in All Those That Cross My Path…and Developing Today’s Youth Into Tomorrow’s Leaders”

-Randy Swaim

Randy brings over 35 years of experience employing, instructing and evaluating team dynamics and leadership in time critical, and often life threatening, situations. Commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, Randy earned his wings in 1980 and was honored as the Outstanding Graduate from F-4E “Phantom II” Qualification Training at George AFB, CA in 1981. He earned qualification as an F-4 Instructor while assigned to the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing. His military career also involved numerous collateral duties such as supporting United States national interests in Central America as a deployed acting Intelligence Officer responsible for reports that were briefed daily to the Chairman-Joint Chiefs of Staff and future United States Secretary of State. As a Learjet pilot in 1989, Flight International asked Randy to accept the position of Contract Representative & Site Manager for Flight International’s Griffiss AFB, NY detachment. In this capacity, corporate executives lauded him for “turning a problem site into the showcase of the company in minimum time”. The next 20 years saw Randy’s award winning service in various leadership capacities of Aerospace Operations, Regulation & Training.

He is a Certified Executive Coach (CSC), certified through SHERPA & the Tandy Center for Executive Leadership at Texas Christian University (TCU) and is a SHERPA certified Coaching Skills Trainer (CST). He is also certified as a facilitator for the SHERPA Leadership Institute (SLI). Randy is also a Certified Life Coach Supervisor (CLC-S) / Advanced Trainer with Dayspring Institute for Training & Development. He is affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation and is the President & founder of Coaching for Relevance, LLC.

In 2014, Randy was invited, and accepted, collateral service as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Dayspring Institute for Training & Development and serves on the Boards of Directors for a non-profit organization. He is listed in the “2012 Princeton Global Network of Professionals, Businesses and Leaders”. He continues to support today’s teenagers through volunteer initiatives including service as a mentor for Trojan Talk with Trinity High School.

Randy lives in Bedford, Texas and is committed to developing potential in others, helping them to reach and exceed their dreams.

“Soar with Freedom…..See the Horizons!”

“Coach Randy is highly skilled and has a reputation for asking great questions”

“Randy, I had heard you had a reputation for asking great questions and as you were on the panel for our organization’s training event today, I saw that evidence.”

“Randy is an excellent coach and his coaching is de-cluttering and allows you to see where you are stuck in your thinking.”

A SHERPA Certified Executive Coach, Randy is driven to develop potential in others and help them reach radical results in the rapidly changing and unstable “New Normal” of the business landscape. As a Keynote Speaker, he challenges Divergent Thinking in his audiences to see new opportunities with with new eyes. He challenges them to find untapped potential and release it to find unexpected solutions for their organization, their team and themselves.

As a facilitator for Coaching Skills for Performance Training, Randy helps organizational leaders at all levels to enhance their leadership through a Coaching approach.

As a Certified Life Coach – Supervisor & Trainer/Advanced Standing, he has a passion for developing other up and coming coaches to be more effective.

Through his Rising Stars process and through speaking to youth groups, Coach Randy has demonstrated a passion for the next generations to release the potential of future leaders.

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